Step-6: Configure the application

Once the developer completes extending the application to meet the requirements, the application needs to be configured so that end-users (employees, managers) can start using the application.

The generated application needs to be first configured by a user in the Admin role and then by a user in the Developer role.

Admin Configuration

  1. Create three additional roles from the Administration/User Management menu - Developer, Manager, Employee

  2. Assign the appropriate Permissions to each of these three additional roles based on which role can do what. We will discuss which permissions to assign which role in a later section

  3. Create User(s) for each Role and assign them to the Roles

  4. Create Customers, Projects per Customer, and Tasks per Project

  5. Assign Tasks to employee(s) using the Usertask entity

  6. Create Timesheets per period per employee

Developer Configuration

  1. Create the data for the two lookup tables - Timesheettype and Timesheetstatus